The Contact Rein With A Sensitive And Pushy Horse

This following blog is only in Dutch. Naar de hand toe rijden met een sensibel, loperig en duwerig paard. Dat is niet eenvoudig. Lange tijd had ik met Wayana het gevoel dat ik helemaal niet naar de hand toe kon rijden. Tenzij ik in de bakrand wilde belanden. Mijn oplossing met Wayana was dan ook […]

Does your horse drag his legs while backing up?

Isn’t your horse active while backing up? Doesn’t he lift his legs or does he make a little ditch? When a horse is really active, he will never drag his legs while going backward. He will always lift his legs. Not all horses are the same and one horse will drag his legs sooner than […]

Focus on the direction of the connection

In my previous blog, I spoke about the phase most riders forget about, the phase of the contact rein. In this first phase of the training you want to achieve three things, namely relaxation, forwardness and that your horse accepts the contact. Once you’ve established that, it’s time to move on to the second phase. […]

The thing most riders forget

The thing most riders forget about: In all the years of teaching I noticed that the core of 99% of all of the problems riders deal with spiral down to one aspect in the training. It’s the thing most riders forget about or don’t do correctly: getting the right connection by riding with the contact rein. […]

From collected walk to collected trot

From collected walk to collected trot Going from collected walk to collected trot might sound easier said than done. Maybe your horse keeps going into canter or does he only make his movement bigger instead of more collected. So how can you correctly go into a collected trot? A member of the online training asked […]

When do you have too much pressure on the bit?

You don’t want to have too much pressure on the bit, but what is too much pressure? Can you express that in so many pounds or kilograms? A member of my online training asked me this question during a live Q&A. This is what I had to say about it: It’s a very good question, […]

In which phase of balance are you and your horse?

What is the difference between a four-year-old horse and a horse that is being trained at Grand Prix level? Actually, the biggest difference has to do with the balance of both horses. The rider with the Grand Prix horse has the balance of his horse under control. That implies that the horse brings more weight […]

Create More Impulsion Within Your Horse Using These Tips

Did your protocol ever say ‘more impulsion’? It might be difficult to get more impulsion within your horse without rushing him forward. But you also want to keep the relaxation. Where do you draw the line and how do you create more impulsion? A member of my online training asked me that question during a […]

8 signals you’re not riding your horse from back to front

Everybody agrees that you should ride a horse from back to front, but a lot of riders find it difficult to decide if they really do it themselves. If you ride your horse from back to front, you can feel a connection from the hind leg through your hand to the mouth of your horse, […]