Video: Exercises to improve the connection

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  1. Do I have the following: “Get access to my most complete training package ‘From Basics to Grand Prix’ with my Winter Offer!”

  2. Hi Rein. I have been following you online for a while now, and have found your advice extremely helpful with training my young horse. However, I have been taught by my long time mentor not to teach turn on the forehand as it is not a required movement in dressage tests and can teach the horse to swing his quarters. I would like to know your thoughts on this.

    1. Hi Vicki, remember that all exercises in the test are there to improve your horse. It are tools to make your horse more supple and to improve the balance of your horse. So if an exercise is not in a test doesn’t mean that this exercise can not be beneficial for your horse. And of course you should give clear signals, but when you correctly do the exercise this will surely be a good exercise for a lot of horses.

  3. I have a 4 year old and she is forward but she sits behind the bit and resists a flexion and is quite rigid through the body I am trying just a gentle leg yield to the side of the school and lots of transitions. I wondered at what age you start leg yielding down the wall or is it all about balance ?
    Regards Erica

    1. Hi Erica, When you just start with a young horse the main focus should be on just riding on the track forward towards your hand. But when you’re ready for the next step then nose to the wall leg yield is a great exercise to start working on the balance and introducing the lateral aids.

  4. Excellent video and great exercise for me to attempt my OTTB, he rushes through the contact and fixes, he also anticipates the transition and wants me to hold him while riding 🤔😔

  5. I tried this on the day of a test in the warm up with my Oldenburg mare that keeps dropping behind the vertical and goes very deep, test completed and top scores, thankyou for this input, helped me immensely ❤️

  6. Hello, from Canada.

    I was very impressed and interested when I first found your instructions. I was recently working with my horse and not getting the response I am looking for. I thought what can I do to be better? Your videos, your advice, it helps me be the rider I want to be for my horse. I thank you for that. I am enjoying the program.

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