Riding from front to back with a loose rein, is that possible?

Riding from back to front with a loose rein, is that possible?

There are a lot of different ways in which you can ride your horse from back to front. But they all have got one thing in common: a correct connection.

But can you also ride a horse from back to front when you have a loose rein?

During a live Q&A, I answered this question.

I want a horse that isn’t collected yet, so that has more weight on the forehand than on the hindquarters, to be on the bit.

So that the horse follows my hand with a forward, downward tendency.

And with on the bit I don’t mean the same as leaning on the bit. I want to have a light contact, not that the horse is leaning on my hand.

When a horse is more progressed in his training and moves very balanced, the reins can be very soft and light.

But that lightness has to come from the collection.

”A light connection comes from collection”

A collected horse has moved the weight from his forehand to his hindquarters.

So the light connection comes from the horse carrying the weight from his forehand with his hind legs and with a good balance in his body.

This shift of balance is important if you want to achieve a light connection.

However, it is possible that a horse still has all his weight on his forehand and still moves with a nice, light connection.

But this connection has to be the result of a horse that wants to follow the hand and not because the horse is hiding behind your hand.

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