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The 4 Signs of Incorrect Riding

#3 False Collection

So far, we’ve discussed the false bend ánd a disturbed coordination in the gaits as signs of incorrect riding.

I want to add another sign of incorrect riding that occurs when riders try to get more collection.

When you’re collecting your horse, by riding lateral movements, transitions and by making half-halts, you try to transfer weight from the forehand to the hind quarters.

As a result, the front of the horse will elevate and this will lead to a more uphill frame.

However, a lot of riders, unconsciously, make the mistake of focussing on influencing the head-neck frame and assuming an elevated head-neck frame will automatically lead to more collection.

You then get the so-called ‘false collection’.

It’s very important to know that when you lift the neck with your reins, you lose the function of the back. 

And without a correct function of the back, you can never get a good collection.

In this false collection, you will see that the hind legs stay behind the body instead of under the body to carry more weight.

Collection means that the weight of the horse is divided over the four legs even. But in some situations like for example a good piaffe or pirouette the horse will carry most of the weight on his hind legs for a short period of time.

For a good collection, you want the hind legs to come under the body and take over more weight, this makes the front lighter and the horse makes an arching bow in the neck in a forward down but uphill direction.

So you can see that the withers come up and not only the neck of the horse.

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